Tori-Jay Mordey is an established Indigenous Australian illustrator and artist based in Brisbane. Tori-Jay was brought up in a mixed cultural environment with her mother being Torres Strait Islander and her father being English. A lot of her previous concepts within her art practice revolved around cultural hybridity; exploring the idea of diversity within our identities and expanding on those differences through her family.


Within her contemporary Indigenous art practice Tori-Jay often reflected her artwork around her family and siblings as a way of understanding herself, her appearance and racial identity. Tori-Jay also produces a lot illustrative work that conceptually explore deeper human emotions – these illustrations are often drawn as longingly expressive, exaggerated cartoon characters. Within her general art practice Tori-Jay has hone her skills in digital illustration, drawing, painting, printmaking and film.

Her most well-known works include: working as a featured artist for SBS on an interactive web documentary called K’GARI (2017), designing and assisting in painting the letter S for the G20 BRISBANE sign located in South Bank (2014), having her art projected onto the William Jolly Bridge as part of an outdoor exhibition for Brisbane Art Matriarchs WOMEN’S WORK (2019), illustrating Cathy Freeman’s portrait for SHOUT OUT TO THE GIRLS biography (2018) and illustrating for the children’s book BAKIR AND BI written by Jillian Boyd (2012).

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